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Rose Music Center At The Heights Huber Heights, OH.  July 30, 2017

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Set #1

 1. What If I Was Willing  (Chris Carmack)

 2. Spinning Revolver  (Chris Carmack)

 3. Being Alone  (Chris Carmack)

 4. Keep Asking Why  (Jonathan Jackson)

 5. Love Rescue Me  (Jonathan Jackson)

 6. Buckle Up  (Charles Esten)

 7. Sanctuary  (Charles Esten & Jonathan Jackson)

 8. Just Like New  (Charles Esten)

 9. Heros  (Chris Carmack, Charles Esten & Jonathan Jackson)




Set #2

10. If It's Love  (Chris Carmack)

11. Hurtin' On Me  (Chris Carmack)

12. Texas Flood  (Chris Carmack)

13. Shock To The System  (Jonathan Jackson)

14. The Killing Moon  (Jonathan Jackson)

15. Unchained Melody  (Jonathan Jackson)

16. Let It Be Me  (Charles Esten & Jonathan Jackson)

17. She's Everything To Me  (Charles Esten)

18. Heart Can't Say Goodbye  (Charles Esten)

19. He Ain't Me  (Charles Esten)



20. One More Song  (Chris Carmack, Charles Esten &                                                                 Jonathan Jackson)

21. A Life That's Good  (Chris Carmack, Charles Esten &                                                               Jonthan Jackson)

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