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Lyric Theatre                                   Birmingham, AL.  April 6, 2017

Photos By: Ashley Thomas


 1. Fight For Love

 2. Another Man's Shoes

 3. New Year's Eve

 4. Live Forever

 5. Mama's Sunshine, Daddy's Rain

 6. American Beauty

 7. Sometimes

 8. Tennessee

 9. I Like To Be With Me When I'm With You

10. Good Light  (With Sean McConnell)

11. Wild World

12. Postcard Memories

13. California

14. Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing

15. What Would I Do Without You

16. The Morning Song

17. Fire And Dynamite

18. Shine Like Lightning



19. To Make Me Feel My Love  (Garth Brooks Cover)

20. The Wine We Drink

21. Here We Go

Photos By: Ashley Thomas

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