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The NorVa                                         Norfolk, VA.  May 11, 2016

Cilver a rock band from New York kicked off the night a lil after 7:30. Cilver was a great opening band…never heard of them before but I really dug them. Lead singer Uliana rocked her ass off, entertained the crowd, posted a Facebook live video, and ended the night by body surfing her way off stage into the crowd to the back table to meet fans, sign autographs and take pics.

Headliners Sixx A.M. kicked off the night with tons of screaming fans – new and old. The trio, acclaimed singer/producer James Michael on vocals, Mötley Crüe guitarist Nikki Sixx on bass and Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba on guitar made their way on stage with two backup singers and their touring drummer, Dustin Steinke and went into the single This Is Gonna Hurt from their second studio album.

With a 15-song set and 2 encores they played with enthusiasm and smiles. Although their were a few complaints among crowd goers that Nikki Sixx just didn’t seem himself…playing to the drummer with his back to the crowd a lot during the show – others complained he just didn’t seem very into it, with no emotion, all while hiding in a dark corner of the stage for most of the night. I guess we all have our nights. It certainly didn’t stop the rest of the band from rocking out the night.
Sixx A.M. had great production for their stage show, two amazing background singers who really added to the songs, and a trio of amazing musicians all clearly enjoying what they were doing, constantly smiling on stage into the crowd and at each other.

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. This Is Gonna Hurt

 2. Rise

 3. Relief

 4. When We Were Gods

 5. You Have Come To The Right Place

 6. Help Is On The Way

 7. Live Forever

 8. Accidents Can Happen

 9. Dead Man's Ballet

10. Everything Went To Hell

11. Prayers For The Damned

12. Goodbye My Friends

13. Lies Of The Beautiful People

14. Stars

15. Rise Of The Melancholy Empire



16. Skin

17. Lif Is Beautiful

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Afterlife

 2. Break Free

 3. It's My Life

 4. I'm Not Afraid

 5. In My Head

 6. Razor Blade

 7. I'm America

 8. Headstone

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