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College Street Music Hall                 New Haven, CT.  March 29, 2016

Joe Satrini made an appearance recently in Connecticut for his Surfing and Shockwave tour.


This tour is the best of the best of all instrumental tours.  This was my first time seeing Mr. Satrini as a solo artist and I was in awe the whole night. I was totally blown away by his guitar playing!  I am surprised that his guitar did t go up in flames after each song.  Fire was flying from his finger tips as he moved up and down the guitar neck at the speed of light. Fans were mesmerized and shaking the heads in disbelief watching the Master at work.


Mike Keneally stepped center stage on several occasions to jam with Mr. Satriani. Mike was holding his own and went note for note during the dueling guitar solo's.  The rest of the band was solid.


It was hard not to to bob your head, toe tap or air guitar right along with this show.


All I can say is wow and do not miss this show when it comes to,your area!


Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1. Shockwave Supernova

 2. Flying In A Blue Dream

 3. Ice 9

 4. Crystal Planet

 5. Not Of This Earth

 6. On Peregrine Wings

 7. Friends

 8. Time

 9. If I Could Fly

10. Butterfly And Zebra

11. Cataclysmic

12. Summer Song

13. Drum Solo

14. Crazy Joey

15. Lost In A Memory

16. Luminous Flesh Giants

17. Always With Me, Always With You

18. God Is Crying

19. If There Is No Heaven

20. Goodbye Supernova

21. Satch Boogie



22. Big Bad Moon

23. Surfing With The Alien

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