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PNC Music Pavilion                         Charlotte, N.C.                     September 16, 2016

Photos By: Hannah Lee


 1. Wild Child  (Romeo's Daughter Cover)

 2. Magic Man

 3. What About Love  (Toronto Cover)

 4. Even It Up

 5. These Dreams  (Nancy Wilson On Lead Vocals)

 6. Two  (Ne-Yo Cover) (Nancy Wilson On Lead Vocals)

 7. Straight On

 8. Kick It Out

 9. Beautiful Broken

10. Aone  (I-Ten Cover)

11. Crazy On You

12. Barracuda



13. Immigrant Song  (Led Zeppelin Cover)

14. Stairway To Heaven  (Led Zeppelin Cover)

No Coverage - Denied Media

Photos By: Hannah Lee


 1. Hello There

 2. Hot Love

 3. Ain't That A Shame  (Fats Domino Cover)

 4. Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School

 5. In The Street  (Big Star Cover) (That '70s Song)

 6. Roll Me

 7. Stiff Competition

 8. I'm Waiting For The Man  (The Velvet Underground Cover)

      (Tom Petersson On Lead Vocals)

 9. The Flame

10. I Want You To Want Me

11. Dream Police

12. Wrong All Along

13. Surrender

14. Goodnight

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