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Bogart's      Cincinnati, OH.               September 14, 2016

Photos By: Craig Weiglein


 War Pigs Intro  (Black Sabbath)

 1. Madness With A View

 2. Wonb With A View

 3. Jagermonsta

 4. Saddam a Go-Go

 5. Let Us Slay

 6. Bring Back The Bomb

 7. Hail, Genocide!

 8. Rock 'N' Roll Never Felt So Good

 9. Heaven On Their Minds  (Andrew Lloyd Webber Cover)

10. Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong

11. The Private Pain Of Sawborg And Bozo Destructo

12. Ham On The Bone

13. The Salaminizer

14. A Short History Of The End Of The World

15. Sick Of You



16. Slaughterama / Stayin' Alive  (Bee Gees Cover)

17. Foreplay / Long Time  (Boston Cover)

18. If You Want Blood  (AC/DC Cover)

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