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Mohegan Sun Arena                         Uncasville, CT.  August 7, 2016

The Deftones played to a near capacity crowd at Mohegan Sun this past weekend.  Fans were very excited to see this band who rarely visits CT.  To me, this show had an odd vibe.   Odd, meaning that I thought it would have some sort of a general admission pit.  Many fans seated on the floor, you could tell wanted to let loose, and were somewhat held back from expressing themselves. I hope that future dates will include a pit for their fans.


It was great to see a Chino Moreno come down to the crowd during the show and greet the fans while singing.  He interacted with the fans several times, which is refreshing to see from an artist. The band was tight and incorporated a great light show into their two hour set, which never lacked any energy.


The set list included a wide variety of songs from when they first started to today, and that is why there was a mix of young and seasoned fans in the crowd.  Although, I think the seasoned fans could probably out do the younger generation with the energy being let loose during this show…


When leaving the show, fans were oozing nothing but positive reviews and using the words “awesome”, “amazing” and “epic” to describe the show.   Many were hoping to catch them again at a city nearby.


I cannot end this review without mentioning the opener.  It was a high-octane group from Sweden called Refused. I know that many people come either half way though or totally miss the opener, but this is an act that you do not want to miss.  

Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1. Kimdracula

 2. Swerve City

 3. Acid Hologram

 4. Rocket Skates

 5. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)

 6. Gore

 7. (L) MIRL

 8. Digital Bath

 9. Diamond Eyes

10. Tempest

11. Prince

12. Rosemary

13. Knife PRTY

14. Change (In The House Of Flies)

15. Passenger



16. My Own Summer (Shove Hit)

17. Rickets

18. Headup

19. Spotlights


Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1. Elektra

 2. The Shape Of Punk To Come

 3. Rather Be Dead

 4. Dawkins Christ

 5. The Deadly Rhythm

 6. Destroy The Man

 7. Servants Of Death

 8. Refused Are Fucking Dead

 9. New Noise

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