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The NorVa                                           Norfolk, VA.  December 28, 2016

British rock band BUSH rocked out a packed crowd at The NorVA in Norfolk, Virginia on Thursday December 28th.


Warming up the crowd was the American indie rock band, The Kickback. The quartet consists of lead Billy Yost, guitarist Jonny Ifergan, bassist Daniel Leu, and drummer Ryan Farnham. The Kickback performed a 30-minute very high-energy performance, leaving the crowd eagerly awaiting BUSH.

Make sure to check out their recently released debut LP, Sorry All Over the Place.


BUSH appeared on stage - the crowd was enthusiastically ecstatic and I was immediately transported back to 1995 with the first few rifts of “Everything ZEN”. Working the entire stage, Gavin Rossdale built the crowd up – his energy and unwavering good looks definitely has not fallen flat the past 20 years.


BUSH played an impressive 18-song set that included the singles “The Chemicals Between Us”, “The Sounds Of Winter”, “Greedy Fly”, “The People That We Love”, “Swallowed”, “The Only Way Out” and “Little Things”. As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, BUSH treated the audience with an amazing 4-song set encore that included award-winning hits “Machinehead” and “Glycerine”.


Let me not forget to mention… Rossdale hops into the crowd not once but TWICE for an up close and personal girls dream…Gavin Rossdale singing right in your face!!!


If I wasn’t already a fan of BUSH I definitely would have become one after - the energy, the stage presence, the lights, the sound…everything coming together so perfectly made for one unbelievable and memorable concert experience!!!

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Everything Zen

 2. Just Like My Other Sins

 3. The Chemicals Between Us

 4. The Disease Of The Dancing Cats

 5. The Sound Of Winter

 6. Greedy Fly

 7. Earth Keeps Burning

 8. Monkey

 9. The People That We Love

10. Swallowed

11. Lost In You

12. The Only Way Out

13. The House Is On Fire

14. Little Things



15. Machinehead

16. The One I Love  (R.E.M. Cover)

17. Glycerine

18. Comedown

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Fanger

 2. Sting's Teacher Years

 3. White Lodge

 4. Hotel Chlorine

 5. Walk Like A Man (Frankie Valli An The Four Seasons Cover)

 6. Rob Our House

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