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Bogart's                                         Cincinnati, OH.  April 7, 2016

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Start A War

 2. Chemical Valley

 3. Lose Control

 4. Mama (Don't Take My Drugs Away)

 5. Never Coming Back

 6. Bad Man

 7. You Don't Want To Know

 8. A Spider In The Dark

 9. Low Life

10. Rise

11. I'm Glad You're Dead

12. Forgiven

13. Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)

14. Bury Me With My Guns On

Interview with Marty Ray McCoy


It is a pleasure to have a quick moment with Marty Ray McCoy singer and guitarist of the baddass rock band Bobaflex. It is always a fun time when you guys come back to Ohio as I have covered Bobaflex for years.



Thank you for having me! We love playing Ohio, it is like our home, and pretty much our second family. Always good times when we come back here.



You guys are the true meaning of "Road Dogs". You have earned most of your fans from your live performances. As our rock radio stations keep dying every day.



Our fans are the greatest! We take pride in our live shows every night. We give the fans their monies worth each and every night. We still think that rock can come back to radio. We spend most of our lives on the road pushing our music.



Bobaflex has hit the 15 year mark.



We are stronger now than we have ever been. This band is our lives. These guys are my brothers. I think the band is creating some of our best work to date. I look foward to many more years with them.



Disturbed has released their version of "The Sound of Silence", on their latest album. What is your thoughts on it, and what effects have you seen from it?



First of all I love Disturbed, great guys and a amazing band. The next thing, we didn't write this classic. Simon & Garfunkel were the ones who wrote this epic song. I thought Disturbed's version was great. They took the song to a different direction. Very different than our version, we wanted to present our version as if Simon and Garfunkel were in a modern day rock band what this song might sound like.



You have a major tour coming up!



Yeah, we are pumped for this! we are hitting the road on

May 5th with Ill Nino. It's like 42 shows in 45 days. It is going to be crazy!



Anything you would like to say to your fans?



We have the greatest fans in the world. I truly mean that. We feed off their energy. We are humbeled by the support from our fans. We keep it real, we try to talk to each and every fan who comes up to us after a show. So thank you to everyone who supports Bobaflex.



Thank you again for you taking time to talk with me on your busy schedule.



Thank you again for having me on.

Tour with Ill Nino starts May 5th in Hollywood, CA. Click on the photo below for details on the tour.

Newest video from Bobaflex         "A Spider In The Dark"

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