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Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel                   Providence, R.I.  September 18, 2015

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators opened their Fall Tour in Providence, R.I. this past weekend. Fans were lined up early in the afternoon outside of Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. By 8:00 the line was wrapped around the big city block. When doors opened, fans rushed to the stage area to score their prime spot for their rock guitar God.


The jammed packed  crowd erupted when Myles Kennedy and Slash took the stage with "You're A Lie", "Nightrain" and "Avalon". Horns and fist-pumping were in the air keeping the beat for the band. The setlist included various hits from the Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver era.


Slash was wearing his signature hat and sunglasses while playing his classic Gibson Les Paul and never skipped a beat. He ravaged his guitar during his solo's and is still one of the best shredding artists around. Many fans were playing air guitar wanting to be Slash in the crowd.


The chemistry between Slash and Myles is amazing. It is easy to understand why these two perform so well together. Myles has a style of his own and has a very commanding stage presencs. Amazing drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Todd Kerns deserve a special mention as they hold the beat together for this amazing band.


Wherever Slash and former Guns N' Roses perform, fans will always be buzzing with the pining question we all have... Will the original Guns N' Roses lineup ever reunite and do a world-wide Tour? Everybody has their own theory, but we all hopethat they decide to get back together one more time. Until then Slash and the gang will continue to rock our faces off!

Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1. You're A Lie

 2. Nightrain

 3. Avalon

 4. Standing In The Sun

 5. Back From Cali

 6. Wicked Stone

 7. Double Talkin' Jive

 8. You Could Be Mine

 9. Doctor Alibi

10. Welcome To The Jungle

11. Starlight

12. Beneath The Savage Sun

13. The Dissident

14. Rocket Queen

15. Bent To Fly

16. World On Fire

17. Anastasia

18. Sweet Child O' Mine

19. Slither



20. Paradise City

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