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Blue Hills Bank Pavilion                         Boston, MA.  September 10, 2015

Is this possibly the one, two punch of the fall concert tour line up of 2015? The Scorpions kicked off their 50th Anniversary World Tour in Boston, MA. on a rainy, Blustery night, with Queensryche this past Thursday night to a sold out crowd.


The Scorpions were considering retirement several years ago, they showed no signs of slowing down. Klaus Meine came out strong, with his hard rock swagger, and belted out fan favorites such as "No One Like You", "Big City Nights", "Still Loving You", and "Rock You Like A Hurricane".


Rudolf Schenker, also showed no signs of slowing down, as he was running and jumping all around the stage while interacting with fans. His guitar playing was intense and I can see why he has always been a fan favorite!


James Kottak, while hoisted high above the crowd, performed hie "Kottak Attack" drum solo. All eyes on him, he climbed onto his drum kit and ripped off his shirt proclaiming "Rock & Roll Forever". which is also tattooed on his back. The crowd was going wild and chatting "Kottak"!


Mathius Jabs also commanded the stage while shredding his guitar and fans were fist pumping their hands in the air.


Pawl Maciwoda, the quiet and unassuming band member of the group, would walk over to center stage every now and again. With an unassuming smile on his face, he would start head banging with the crowd.


Despite the weather at an outdoor Pavilion the fans were having as much fun as the band. Scorpions have stood the test of time, and prove that they can still pack a power sting when performing fifty years later.

Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1. Going Out With A Bang

 2. Make It Real

 3. The Zoo

 4. Coast To Coast

 5. Top Of The Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy's Coming / Catch Your Train

 6. We Built This House

 7. Delicate Dance

 8. Always Somewhere / Eye Of The Storm / Send Me An Angel

 9. Wind Of Change

10. Rock N' Roll Band

11. Dynamite

12. In The Line Of Fire

13. Kottak Attack

14. Blackout

15. No One Like You

16. Big City Nights



17. Still Loving You

18. Rock You Like A Hurricane

Photos Coming Soon!


 1. Anarchy-X

 2. Nightrider

 3. Walk In The Shadows

 4. Silent Lucidity

 5. The Needle Lies

 6. Eyes Of A Stranger

 7. Jet City Woman

 8. Empire

 9. Queen Of The Reich

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