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Mohegan Sun Arena                         Uncasville, CT.  August 19, 2015

Photos By: Nancy Dagata

     Carlos Santana recently stopped by the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. to unleash his sultry Latin sound to a capacity crowd. When Mr. Santana and company took the stage, the crowd was up on their feet, dancing to the sounds of Soul Sacrifice, Saideira, Love Makes The World Go Round, Maria Maria and Europa.


     Mr. Santana handed the stage over to his son, Salvador Santana and Alex Nester to play a few songs off his new CD which was being released this week. A lot of fans thought this portion of the show took away from the vibe of the night for Santana. While Alex is a great singer and hit many high notes so effortlessly, I think she stole this portion of the show from Salvador.


     Santana took back the stage to finish off the night with classic hits such as Evil Ways, Smooth, Tequila, Black Magic Woman, and Oye como va. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed watching him conquer the guitar while the band added the Latin rhythm. He can blow away many guitarists half his age with the finger movements he did up and down the neck of the guitar.


     Overall, it was a fantastic show enjoyed by everyone in attendance.


 1. Soul Sacrifice

 2. Saideira

 3. Love Makes The World Go Round

 4. Freedom In Your Mind

 5. Maria Maria

 6. Foo Foo

 7. Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile)

 8. Summer's Day (with Salvador Santana And Alex Nester)

 9. Rise Up (with Salvador Santana And Alex Nester)

10. Fantasy Reality (with Salvador Santana And Alex Nester)

11. Corazon espinado

12. Jin-go-lo-ba

13. Evil Ways

14. A Love Supreme

15. A Place With No Name

16. Tequila

17. Smooth



18. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen

19. Oye como va

20. Toussaint L'Overture

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