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Savage Arena                                         Toledo, OH. March 25, 2017

Wow what a lineup for Rock The Arena II this year as we all thought they couldn't top last years lineup. This show will sell out as it did last year. All of us at On Tour Magazine only had positive responses from last years show, and are looking forward to it again this year. Only Warrant & Trixter make a retun from the first year, but 2 more band have been added to the lineup this year bringing it up to 10 bands. Get your tickets now before this amazing event is SOLD OUT!!!

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Hello There

 2. Big Eyes

 3. Lookout

 4. California Man  (The Move Cover)

 5. She's Tight

 6. If You Want My Love

 7. Ain't That A Shame  (Fats Domino Cover)

 8. In The Street  (Big Star Cover)

 9. Baby Loves To Rock

10. Stop This Game

11. Tom Petersson Bass Solo

12. I'm Waiting For The Man  (The Velvet Underground Cover)

13. The Flame

14. I Want You To Want Me

15. Dream Police  (Featuring Tom Keifer And His Band                                                 Members On Backing Vocals)

16. Never Has A Lot To Lose

17. Surrender  (Featuring Tom Keifer And His Band

                             Members As Well As Members Of

                             Trixter on Backing Vocals)

18. Goodnight

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Still Climbing

 2. Somebody Save Me

 3. Heartbreak Station

 4. The Way Life Goes

 5. Shake Me

 6. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)

 7. Nobody's Fool

 8. Solid Ground

 9. Night Songs

10. Coming Home

11. Shelter Me

12. With A Little From My Friends  (The Beatles Cover)

13. Space Oddity  (David Bowie Cover)

14. Gypsy Road

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Down Boys

 2. Big Talk

 3. Sure Feels Good To Me

 4. Heaven

 5. D.R.F.S.R

 6. Sometimes She Cries

 7. So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against The Law)

 8. I Saw Red

 9. I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink (Merle Haggard Cover)

10. Uncle Tom's Cabin

11. Cherry Pie 

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Run For Cover

 2. Slick Black Cadillac

 3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now

 4. Party All Night

 5. Thunderbird

 6. The Wild And The Young

 7. Let's Get Crazy

 8. Cum On Feel The Noize

 9. Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. You're In Love

 2. Lay It Down

 3. Lack Of Communication

 4. Ten Miles Wide

 5. Wanted Man

 6. Slip Of The Lip

 7. Way Cool Jr.

 8. I'm Insane

 9. Back For More

10. Round And Round

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Call It Rock 'N' Roll

 2. All Over Now

 3. Desert Moon

 4. My Addiction

 5. Mista Bone

 6. Save Your Love

 7. Lady Red Light

 8. Rock Me

 9. Once Bitten Twice Shy

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Streets In Paradise

 2. Rev It Up

 3. How Much Love

 4. Cryin'

 5. I Want You To Rock Me / Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)

 6. Edge Of A Broken Heart

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Deep End

 2. Loud And Clear

 3. All I'm Gonna Take

 4. You Are Us, We Are You

 5. Send Her To Me

 6. Turn Up The Radio

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night

 2. Heart Of Steel

 3. One In A Million

 4. Surrender

 5. Rockin' Horse

 6. Give It To Me Good

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Hard To Find

 2. If I Lose You

 3. Party Like The Weekend Never Ends

 4. Double Vision  (Foreigner Cover)

 5. The Sid And Nancy Song

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