The daughter Of A Music Icon Is Ready To Follow The Footsteps Of Her Father!

     In 1983 A British Rock / Pop duo Annie Lennox and Dave A. Stewart blew up the music charts with their band called the Eurythmics. These 2 produced 10 Top 40 hits, 9 Platinum albums, and sold over 75 million albums. The Eurythmics have won a Grammy, and are a member of the UK Music Hall Of Fame. As A musician this would be where everyone wants to get to, but this is just the beginning for Dave A. Stewart. Dave was also in a Supergroup with Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. Dave is not only a musician, but is a well known producer with artists like Fleetwood Mac's vocalist Stevie Nicks and The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Dave is working on his best project now, that would be his beautiful teenage daughter Kaya.


     Kaya Stewart is a teenager that is ready to take the Pop industry to a new level. She has jumped on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour, and we had a chance to catch up with her on her second night of the tour in Cincinnati, OH.


On Tour Magazine: We are here in Cincinnati, OH. backstage at the Vans Warped Tour a brand new artist to the Pop/Rock scene Kaya Stewart. Today will be her second Warped Tour show ever. We don't have long because Kaya will be hitting the stage soon! So last night was your first show on this tour, how did it go?

Kaya: We played our first show yesterday, and it was a really great introduction into Warped Tour. There are a lot of really cool kids who are about the same age as me who I could relate to. I got to talk to a lot of bands, and meet everyone. It is kinda new to me, but very fun.


On Tour Magazine: I can't go on without bringing up your father Dave A. Stewart of the Eurythmics. What is that like, and what role does he play in your music career?

Kaya: My father is my Producer and Manager as well. I was really lucky to have someone who influenced me so much. He is such an amazing songwriter, producer, and performer. He taught me a lot growing up, and me being in the music business is kinda like my family's life. It is kinda like what we do, and me being thrown into the Warped Tour is not shocking for me. My whole life I have grown up in this kind of world.


On Tour Magazine: Not many parents are ready to send their teenage sons or daughters out on the Warped Tour or let them pursue their music career at an early age. What is your feelings abou t this?

Kaya: I'm a strong believer in whatever your passionate about that you should persue. I think when it comes to music, I think there are a lot of people who can't handle something like this because the Warped Tour is not an easy thing to do. I mean it is all about putting the hard work in, and your not going to get the results unless you work really hard. It's a really great lesson for me actually, because it's like when I finish this tour I can do any tour. It's the most grueling tour  in a sense, but really the most rewarding because you get to meet these amazing fans, and get to talk to them every day.


On Tour Magazine: Today's music festivals are starting to change their formats with multiple music genres. How do you get someone to watch your show when they might be there to see other bands?

Kaya: I am so lucky and fortunate to be on this tour right now. I think it is an amazing idea that the Warped Tour is bringing on more Pop acts right now. I am gaining a really diverse group of fans, and I think that's going to be amazing for me. I've opened up so many doors of people who would have never listened to my music. Maybe they are just walking by, or out to buy something, and the fact that they could hear my music and get it stuck in their heads come away saying that was cool or I actually kinda like that. That is a huge reward to me.


On Tour Magazine: You just released your new EP called "In Love With A Boy" a couple of weeks ago.

Kaya: Yeah, I'm super excited about it! I started writing these songs when I was thirteen and fourteen, and I'm now fifteen. So it's kind of a reflection of me being that age of how I was feeling back then. I think it is very relatable to the teenagers who are around the same age or older who are feeling the same way. I think that's why it's so perfect for me to do something like the Warped Tour because it's all about these teen kids who look forward to the Warped Tour all year. It's awesome that the EP came out so close to this tour because I'm aloud to share everything with the fans.


On Tour Magazine: What would you like to say to anyone who is checking you music out for the first time?

Kaya: I would like to say to them to keep an open mind, especially at Warped Tour because there are so many genres, and so many artists working so hard to be here. I think anyone should come up to the stages and honestly give them a chance and could open up a whole new genre to you.  

Vans Warped Tour                               Riverbend Music Center                     Cincinnati, OH.  July 16, 2015

Get Kaya's new EP "In Love With A Boy" Here!

Videos From Kaya's New EP

In Love With A Boy

Feel Good

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