Phil Collen - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Interview By: Toby Clark

OTM:  It is an honor to be able to interview today's guest Mr.                 Phil Collen Guitarist for the legendary rock band                           Def Leppard.


Phil:   Thank you for having me on here!


OTM:  Well the reason you are here is to talk about all the big                things going on with Def Leppard. Let's talk about                        February 10th. The fans are going to love this date!


Phil:    We will be releasing our "Live In Detroit" DVD/2CD                     album. We are very happy with this project. This is                       our first live project since "Viva! Hysteria" in 2013.                       This DVD/CD captures one of our shows from last                         year in one of the best Rock towns in America.

Click on the photo below to pre-order the new Live From Detroit DVD/CD from         Def Leppard out on February 10th.

OTM:  Def Leppard has a new tour kicking off April 8th in                       Manchester, N.H. with some old friends Poison & Tesla.


Phil:   Yeah! we are excited for this tour with our old                               tour mates Poison who have finally reunited. We also                 have our great friends Tesla back on the road with us                   again as they were last year. This tour will hit 38 cities,               and will be cities we didn't get a chance to hit in 2016.


OTM:  Of those 38 cities 5 of them are major U.S. Festivals                      that Def Leppard is headlining, and never played                          before. What are your thoughts about playing these                      festivals in front of a new generation of people that                      may have never seen or heard of your work?


Phil:    We love playing festivals, it will be fun to play to the                     new crowds, and win them over as new fans of us. 

OTM:  How have you guys been able to sustain excellence over               such a long period of time?


Phil:   We have a great chemistry as a band. We have fun doing              what we do, and are like brothers. It is just something                that comes natural to us. We all have a drive of being                  the best that we can be.

OTM:  Is there a favorite venue out there that you love to play?


Phil:   Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. just outside of Denver It is               one of the coolest venues that I have ever played. While             playing our set under the moonlight and stars is                           breathtaking. Another favorite area of mine is playing                 in New Mexico.

OTM:  When your not touring or recording a new Def Leppard                album what are some things you enjoy to do?


Phil:   I really don't have an off time. I am always busy doing                 something with music. I am on the East Coast right now             in the studio Producing the new Tesla album.

OTM:  Phil I want to thank you again for taking time out of                     your very busy schedule. I know everyone can't wait to                 get their hands on the new Live DVD/2CD out on                         February 10th. Also, can't wait to see the new tour that               kicks off April 8th, and ends on June 25th.


Phil:   The pleasure is all mine, and can't wait to see all our                     fans on the road!


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