Psychic Warfare is the new 2015 release for the Maryland Rockers Clutch.

Track List:

 1. The Affidavit

 2. X-Ray Visions

 3. Firebirds

 4. A Quick Death In Texas

 5. Sucker For The Witch

 6. Your Love Is Incarceration

 7. Doom Saloon

 8. Our Lady Of Electric

 9. Noble Savage

10. Behold The Colossus

11. Decapitation Blues

12. Son Of Virginia


Neil Fallon - Vocals & Guitar

Jean-Paul Gaster - Drums

Dan Maines - Bass

Tim Sult - Guitar

Many people wondered what the new Clutch album was going to sound like. The big question would it be able to stand up to the 2013 masterpiece "Earth Rocker". I have listened to Psychic Warfare several times, and the answer is yes. Psychic Warfare is the 11th album added to the Clutch library. This album will not be put on a shelf collecting dust that is for sure.


The first actual song on the disc is track #2 called "X-Ray Visions" which is also the band's first single and video that you can see below. The season veterans come right out of the gate with their signature dirty grunge rock sound. "Firebirds" will be a fan favorite of the classic Clutch fans. Another great track from this album is "A Quick Death In Texas". This song has a heavy influence of the bad ass Texans ZZ Top. The next 2 tracks "Sucker For The Witch" and " Your Love Is Incarceration" are 2 up temo songs that are solid. They won't be hit songs for the band, but they are not filler songs to the album. I would love to see these tracks added to their live shows.


We are at the half way mark of the disc, and probably one of the best parts of this album. Track #7 is a quick, but powerful instamental called "Doom Saloon" that leads into "Our Lady Of Electric Light". This will be a major hit for these guys. If the legend Jimi Hendrix were alive today this is probably what it would have sounded like. This is such an amazing song.


The next 3 songs "Noble Savage", Behold The Colossus" & "Decapitation Blues" are all great tunes that lean towards the punk / grunge sound that Clutch is famous for. The last song is the longest song on the album over 7 minutes long. This could be the best track on the album in some peoples opinion. This song will be a Clutch classic for sure.


Overall Clutch has hit another home run teaming up with Producer Machine once again (also Produced Earth Rocker). This album was recorded at Machine's studio "The Machine Shop" in Texas. This album has peaked at #1 on Billboard's Top Hard Rock Albums, and has peaked at #11 on Billboard's Top 200.


Clutch is currently on their Europe/UK Tour until late December. They will have a handful of dates in the US to close out 2015


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Travis Tritt   Hobart Arena    Troy, OH.                        10/21

PBR Wright State Nutter Center Fairborn, OH.    10/23

FC Cincinnati vs Nashville TQL Stadium          Cincinnati, OH.              10/27

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