FedEx Field                                                              Landover, MD.  July 10, 2018

Gosh, where to begin!?! I will start by saying this, if you have never been to a stadium tour it is definitely something you should experience! Driving up to the FedExField you could feel how incredible the night was going to be - it was in the warm night air. People were tailgating in the parking lot, dressed up in their Taylor Swift gear, blasting old and new Taylor favorites from car speakers...getting completely hyped up before walking into the stadium.

The FedExField, home of the Washington Redskins football team houses roughly at capacity 82,000. I would say for night one of two in DC it was probably pretty close to capacity even with the empty seats behind the stage, the floor was slam packed with fans.

First up to open the night was English singer and songwriter Charli XCX also known as Charlotte Aitchison. Charli reached number one in the UK with Icona Pop's "I Love It" and number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 with Iggy Azalea's "Fancy". Shortly thereafter she released the single "Boom Clap" which is featured on the soundtrack of the film The Fault in Our Stars...this became her biggest solo hit to date as well as the song she opened the evening with getting fans ready for a night to remember.

Next to hit the stage was the adorable Cuba American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello also known as Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao. Camila was a contestant on the second season of the The X Factor in 2012 where she became a member of Fifth Harmony. In December 2016 Camila left Fifth Harmony to pursue a solo career after successful collaborations with Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly.

Camila opened with the hit "Never Be The Same" following later with one of my favorites her song with rapper Machine Gun Kelly "Bad Things" and also a sweet version of Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love" and ended her set with the top charting sultry single "Havana".


As I sat there taking in the first two artists and watching this enormous venue fill up with tons of was just captivating, completely surreal. I felt downright blessed to have this amazing opportunity. I looked down at the ground filled with tiny little newspapers and the anticipation begins to build up inside me- giving me butterflies. I can only imagine how all the people inside were feeling, even more so the artists who perform in front of all these people…their fans! You can tell everyone absolutely loves and adore what each artist does and the songs they sing that touch everyone so personally and yet so differently. For me, music has always spoken whats in my heart and mind better than I ever could.

So with that....


Baby, let the games begin....Are You Ready For It!?


BOOM BOOM BOOM the beat drops with Taylor Swifts single "Are You Ready For It" and the crowd goes crazy! You could unequivocally feel the enormity of this place in every fiber of your being and with every beat and boom. Taylor Swift emerges in smoke between the opening of the two enormous screens in a black sequent suit and hoodie.

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift one of the world's leading contemporary recording artists known for songs about her personal life, a star who managed to completely cross over from country to the mainstream and dominate every single thing that she does is about to fill the night with two full hours of the most astonishing production and performances I've ever seen!!!


You can tell there was so much thought put into every detail of his concert. The wristbands were a phenomenal inclusion that lit up randomly and colorfully to different songs throughout the night. The enormous screens in the front made it so those who weren't that close felt like they were. I am a huge huge fan of incredible production at a concert and being a photographer, lighting as well and this show just really had it all!! Seriously folks, when you have fireworks blasting and filling up the warm night sky on only your second song… you know the rest of the night is going to be insanely amazing and it was!


A few memorable moments for me throughout the night were when Taylor floated through the sky on a stunning gold platform singing "Delicate" - she looked like a pure angel. Taylor hits the B stage where she performs “Shake It Off” with Camila Cabello and Charli XCX as the venue is vibrantly lit up with everyone's wrist bands. Slowing things down to a more personable an intimate level Taylor takes out a guitar and sings “So It Goes” and “State Of Grace”. At this point I realized everything was locked down and a walkway was cleared for Taylor to make her way from one of the B stages to the other. I was standing right by security, Taylor hits the ground to begin walking and it was like a herd of elephants came running, smashing me up against the gates...everyone trying to get a glimpse or touch of Taylor many succeeding as others were squished, disappointed and trampled on. I have been to many metal shows, I have seen mosh pits/circles, crowd surfing, mosh walls and even a wall of death but I have never seen anything quite like were screaming, crying, going absolutely downright insane! But a good could feel (literally) how much Taylor is adored and loved.


Once on the other stage Taylor sang one of my favorites “Blank Space” and “Dress” then made her way back to the main stage lifted above the crowd singing “Bad Blood”. Things eventually slow down a little bit again with Taylor sitting at a beautiful black piano singing “Long Live/New Year's Day”.


With her incredibly infectious smile and genuine sweetheart personality Taylor closes out the night with her amazing singers, backup dancers, and band singing a playful mash-up of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things” as confetti fills the air and fireworks again light up the entire sky.


Well done Taylor Swift, well done. Your talent has no bounds…you are definitely an amazing performer, an amazing artist, I love that you mixed old and new music, your backup dancers are on point- and good looking too (wink wink), the fireworks boomed exceptionally, the dazzling giant snakes were a unique and beautiful touch, and even taking the time to connect personally with your fans. You totally outdid yourself – best show I have ever been to!


What an absolutely unforgettable night! I am forever grateful.

xoxo, Melissa Bradley


Photos By: Melissa Bradley



Act 1

 1. ...Ready For It?

 2. I Did Something Bad

 3. Gorgeous

 4. Style / Love Story / You Belong With Me


Act 2

 5. Look What You Made Me Do  (With Tiffany Haddish Speech)

 6. End Game

 7. King Of My Heart


Act 3

 8. Delicate

 9. Shake It Off  (With Camila Cabello & Charli XCX)

10. So It Goes  (Acoustic)

11. State Of Grace  (Acoustic)


Act 4

12. Blank Space

13. Dress

14. Bad Blood / Should've Said No


Act 5

15. Don't Blame Me

16. Long Live / New Year's Day  (On Piano)


Act 6

17. Getaway Car

18. Call It What You Want

19. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Never Be The Same

 2. She Loves Control

 3. Inside Out

 4. Hold Yuh / Get Busy  (Dance Break)

 5. Bad Things

 6. Can't Help Falling In Love  (Elvis Presley Cover)

 7. Consequences

 8. In The Dark

 9. Into It

10. Kiss / Into It  (Dance Break)

11. Havana

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Boom Clap

 2. I Love It  (Icona Pop Cover)

 3. Break The Rules

 4. Unlock It

 5. Boys

 6. 5 In The Morning

 7. Fancy  (Iggy Azalea Cover)


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