Xfinity Theatre                                            Hartford, CT.  August 2, 2015

It was a hot August night, and Slipknot's Summer's Last Stand Tour came rolling through Hartford, CT. with a stacked lineup. To open the night was a new band Motionless In White, who is making waves across the country. They got the crowd into the show right out of the gates. You could tell Hartford was in for a long, loud & magical night. Next up was a crowd favorite Bullet For My Valentine. These guys have a new album coming out August 14th called "Venom". Hartford was in for a treat as they started out their set with a brand new song called "No Way Out" they also threw in another new one called "Army of Noise". We are looking forward to hearing this new album out in a week!

The heavy hitters from Richmond, VA. Lamb of God were up next with a new album "VII : Strum und Drang" released on July 24th. The crowd was introdued to 2 new songs off this album "Still Echoes" and "512". They also covered all the fan favorites as well.


It was now time for what everybody was here for SLIPKNOT!!!!!

The boys hit the stage full throttle with a pyrotechnic entrance to heat things up even more. Things were cruising right along until Corey abruptly stopped the show and walked off stage. He came back out to announce that there was an unknown medical emergency with bassist Alex Venturella on stage. Coery did a great job keeping the crowd informed as to what was happening. After a short delay, Corey announced that Alex was on his way, by ambulance  to the hospital. He went on to say that as a band, they made a decision to go on with the show, because that's what Alex would have wanted. The crowd erupted, and was chanting "Alex". It was reported lated the next day that Alex suffered from severe dehydration. 


Despite what had occurred, Slipknot went on and performed a high octane, kick ass show! The Slipknot percussionists kept the beat alive for the mosh pit, which was insane, and the crowd surfers were numerous. You could feel the energy flowing throughout the amphitheater.


It is amazing to see how much energy a metal band exerts while they are performing, and make it look so effortless, especially in masks and costumes. Slipknot tore up the stage for almost 2 hours, and left everyone a happy, sweaty mess. You couldn't have had a better way to end the weekend with this show!

Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1.  Sarcastrophe

 2.  The Heretic Anthem

 3.  Psychosocial

 4.  The Devil And I

 5.  AOV


Intermission: (To Tend To Bassist Alessandro "Vman" Venturella)


 6.  Wait And Bleed

 7.  Before I Forget

 8.  The Blister Effects

 9.  Duality

10. The Negative One

11. Spit It Out

12. Custer



13. (sic)

14. people = Shit

15. Surfacing

Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1.  Walk With Me In Hell

 2.  Now You've Got Something To Die For

 3.  Still Echoes

 4.  512

 5.  Ghost Walking

 6.  Ruin

 7.  Hourglass

 8.  Vigil

 9.  Laid To Rest

10. Redneck

Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1.  No Way Out

 2.  Your Betrayal

 3.  Raising Hell

 4.  Scream Aim Fire

 5.  Army Of Noise

 6.  Tears Don't Fall

 7.  Walking The Demon

Photos By: Nancy Dagata


 1.  Break The Cycle

 2.  Devil's Night

 3.  Abigail

 4.  If It's Dead, We'll Kill It

 5.  Generation Lost

 6.  Unstoppable

 7.  Reincarnate


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