The NorVa                                                                  Norfolk, VA.  June 5, 2019

It might have been a rainy Wednesday night but it sure did feel like a sunny Friday! Because nothing beats being transported back to the late 90’s, early 2000's and forgetting the world and the troubles of now & just BE…BE right the moment!


Fans began slowly filling The NorVA and with each opening artist the crowd grew larger.


Opening the night was Doll Skin, an all-female rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. The band is made up Meghan Herring, Sydney Dolezal, Nicole Rich, and Alex Snowden. Their sound is a blend of punk, metal, alternative & pop. Their highly energetic performance did a good job of getting everyone ready to go.


Next up was The Early November, and American rock band from New Jersey. The set delivered on nostalgia, the amount of energy they commanded was both surprising and immersing with the crowd singing along every step of the way.


Real Friends, a emo-pop punk band from Illinois took the stage next. Lead singer Dan was literally all over the stage …they sang their heart out with a high energy, very active performance!


After a 20-minute set break (that was worth it- the production and art work is amazing!) everyone was super eager and ready for New Found Glory to hit the stage! The room darkened and BAMMMM out NFG roared to “Eye Of The Tiger”! Now come on if that doesn’t get you pumped; I don’t know what will!!! Made it hard for me to take pictures when I just wanted to jam out with them. Their performance is so engaging and fun!!

New Found Glory is a punk band from Florida that formed in 1997 but peaked greatly between 2002-2004 with songs like "My Friends Over You" and "Head On Collision.


They are currently on tour now and if you get a chance you MUST catch them!! They are performing songs from the newly release EP “From Your Screen To Your Stereo” and it’s AMAZING and even better….for all ages with songs like “Let It Go” where you see lead singer Chad (who shares a birthday with me – except I’m olddddder!) dress up as Elsa and “This Is Me” from the amazing movie The Greatest Showman. Of course, they don’t leave out their back in the day favorite classic hits like “My Friends Over You”, “Hit Or Miss” and “Kiss Me”!


Oh, and an added bonus...Ryan Key, former lead singer from the band Yellowcard is touring with them!


I truly can’t say enough amazing things about the show – except I actually enjoy them more now than I did back in the day!!! Maybe because it brings back my youth, sends me to a time when things were oh so much easier, I have a new mature respect and appreciation on music, artists and the incredible production of what an amazing concert really is all about!

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Eye Of The Tiger  (Survivor Cover)

 2. Understatement

 3. Your Jokes Aren't Funny

 4. Cups  (Anna Kendrick Cover)

 5. All Downhill From Here

 6. Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing

 7. Sucker

 8. Truth Of My Youth

 9. Let It Go  (Idina Menzel Cover)

10. Selfless

11. King Of Wishful Thinking  (Go West Cover)

12. Sincerely Me

13. Sonny

14. This Is Me  (Keala Settle Cover)

15. Truck Stop Blues

16. Head On Collision

17. It's Not Your Fault

18. Kiss Me  (Sixpence None The Richer Cover)

19. Hit Or Miss



20. The Power Of Love  (Huey Lewis And The News Cover)

21. The Story So Far

22. My Friends Over You

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Mess

 2. Stand Steady

 3. Maybe This Place Is The Same...

 4. I Don't Love You Anymore

 5. Composure

 6. I've Never Been Home

 7. I've Given Up On You

 8. Get By

 9. Island  (The Starving Line Cover)

10. Me First

11. From The Outside

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Magnolia

 2. Tell Me Why

 3. Decoration

 4. Outside

 5. Baby Blue

 6. Fluxy

 7. Every Night's Another Story

 8. I Want To Hear You Sad

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Empty House

 2. Daughter

 3. Love Is Dead And We Killed Her

 4. Mark My Words

 5. Persephone

 6. Family Of Strangers

 7. Puncha Nazi


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