Interview with Mark Kendall

This Friday night Hobart Arena in Troy, OH. will be rockin' out with 2 classic 80's rock bands Great White and Slaughter. It is a pleasure and honor to have iconic guitar player, and the man who created Great White Mark Kendall here for a quick interview with us.

Thank you for having me.


You guys have a show coming up Friday in Troy, OH.

Yeah we are pretty excited to play in the Dayton area. We haven't been around this area for quite some time.


So lets catch the fans up on what is going on with Great White.

We have a new documentary live show coming out in January

on Showtime. It's kinda like a cinema release.  We are very excited about this. We are all busy right now writing material for our new album that will be

out sometime next year.


The band has been busy this year on the road.

Yeah, not like the past where we were stuck on a bus for 2 years.


Have you guys noticed a younger crowd following the band?

That's funny you asked that, not too long ago when we were playing in Sweeden, about 30 kids in their early twenties were waiting outside our hotel room wearing clothes that we wore in like 85' wanting to meet us. We have noticed parents bringing their kids to the shows and telling their parents that these guys aren't that corney. It's not like when we were kids, and our parents would be listening to Lawrence Welk or something.


What's your take on the albums released today compared to back in the day?

I use to love when an album was released by your favorite band. It was an eventful moment. I have memories and stories attached to these albums. I remember when a friend of mine and myself bought "Physical Graffiti" by Led Zeppelin in 1975. We spent the day listening to that album over and over. The artwork was out of this world. Today you go to 7-11 and buy an itunes card and download 1,000 songs and your done. I have many people tell me stories or memories of when they heard our songs. It is really moving when I hear this.


I want to hear the inside scoop on one of my favorite Great White tracks "Wasted Rock Ranger". This was a B-Side track for the ...Twice Shy album.

At the time Alan Niven was our manager, he was Guns N' Roses manager as well. Izzy Stradlin brought this song to Alan and said that they were thinking about doing this song, but if we wanted to do it go ahead. We thought that it was the funniest song on earth making fun of drugs, it was really all pun and just having fun. Wasted Rock Ranger kinda became a cult heroe. We had t-shirts a guy who was supposed to be the Wasted Rock Ranger. It was all good, most of our music from that era was feelgood music, and a getaway from our problems. Forget the gas bill for 2 hours, and lets go check this band out. The message was positive back then. One thing positive about the 80's music we were celebrating life, we were not telling them how bad life was.


After all the years of playing shows do you ever get nervous before playing?

Oh! Yeah! I'm nervous all the time, I mean not like a nervous wreck, but the hair on my arm raises. I put all the traveling out of my mind. I want that show to be the only thing i'm thinking about at that time. I want the crowd to be super impressed with our performance. I don't want to be mildly entertaining, i really want to blow people away.


Is there any band out there that Great White hasn't played with that you would like to?

Yeah! actually there is, we have never shared the stage with AC/DC which is crazy because we have played with just about every band under the sun at some point. I really like the band alot. They are just a really great band. We have played with just about every heroe that I had, like ZZ Top, Beck , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest & The Scorpions the names could go on. We learned alot from these big bands, especially The Scorpions on how to treat the fans and how to trat the opening bands. When we got into the role of being the headliner we gave the respect to the opening acts because we were in their shoes at one point. Just like The Scorpions and Judas Priest they want all the acts on their show to do good. We have learned from them on how to be supportive of these bands, and that it is not a competition.


I want to thank you for your time, and look forward to this Friday's show in Troy, OH.

It's my pleasure, and can't wait to see everyone in Troy, OH. on Friday night!







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