Warrant Plays at JD Legends tonight in Franklin, OH.

Interview with Erik Turner

By: Toby Clark

I had a chance to sit down and talk with the heart of Warrant Mr. Erik Turner. Erik is the founding member of the legendary band Warrant.


OTM: Thank you for taking time to talk with us with your busy tour schedule. You guys have been playing nonstop, and on the road most of the year.

Erik: Thank you for having me on here! Yeah! We have had a pretty busy schedule, and ever since June it has been crazy.


OTM: 25th Anniversary for the "Cherry Pie" album!

Erik: Yeah! I didn't even realize it at the time. We've been so busy, people on the internet started posting pictures, and tagging us about it. It's hard to believe it's  been a quarter of  a century. It has been a good run for us.


OTM: This is Warrant's second Double Platinum album. Most bands will never see a Platinum album, and you have 2. You guys did it the right way creating a solid album from top to bottom with no help from the internet. You  went out and earned the respect of your fans. In return they spent their hard earned money to support you guys.

Erik: We lucked out in many ways, but we worked very hard on this album. We tried to follow in the footsteps of  the 70's bands like Aerosmith and Cheap Trick to produce a solid alum that had a begining, middle, and end but not a concept album.


OTM: Going back to 1990, can you remember back that far! during the recording of "Cherry Pie" does anything really stick out to you?

Erik: Some parts I remember, other parts are "Blurry"!!!  We just got off the road of 262 shows on the DRFSR Tour. We went straight into pre-production and flew down to Hawaii. We got very little work done down there, so we flew back to the states to record the album. I think we knocked it out in about 6 weeks, and a couple of weeks of mixing. That's the way we did it. We were a pretty fast working band. I just remember feeling really confident about the song, the record, just everything. I would say that our confidence was at an all time high when we made this album. Of course we had a lot of fun making this album as well.


OTM: Was a lot of the writing for this album done on tour, or when you guys got off the road?

Erik: Jani was always writing during a break, on the bus, or at home. You never knewwhen he would spring up a song. A lot of songs were written on the road, I mean, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" we were playing it live on the DRFSR Tour before it was recorded.


OTM: I read somewhere that C.C. Deville of Poison did the guitar solo on the "Cherry Pie" single. How did that come about?

Erik: Well we really wanted to get on the upcoming Poison Tour. Jani had been hanging out a lot with C.C., and I was pretty good friends with Bobby. There was some resistance in there camp from some of the guys to take Warrant out on tour for what ever reason they had management, record label, the booking agents. It's always fun to have other rockstars or guests on the record. It happens all the time now. C.C. is a great guy, to this day  Joey, and C.C. are great friends. We've been friends for over 25 years. I actually forgot he layed down tracks until people bring it up. It's actually a very cool thing.


OTM: During this time a lot of people looked at Warrant and Poison as rivalry band even though you guys are great friends.

Erik: I remember us sending an advanced copy to the Poison camp. I heard this is second hand, I was told that "Love In Stereo" was Bret Michaels favorite song on the album. After everybodyheard the CD and liked it they took us out on Tour , and we did 72 shows opening for Poison.


OTM: Let me jump a few years to the newest lead singer of  Warrant Mr. Robert Mason former lead singer for Lynch Mob.

Erik: Yes my brother from another mother. It is hard to believe Robert is going on his 7th year as our singer. He is an amazing fit for us. The chemistry on stage is unbelievable.


OTM: Lets talk a quick minute about the wine business.

Erik: We got approached in 2010 to do Warrant Wine. I live in an area where there are over 40 wineries out there. Long story short I got introduced to the owners of South Coast Winery. We talked a little about doing a wine together. We did one, and it did good. So we did another wine, and that one did good as well. So we did another, and another, and another "Laughing". 3 years later we had done 9 different wines. It's fun, it's a hobby that pays for itself. It's great gifts for friends or business associates. We do lots of gift baskets for fund raisers and charities. It's a really cool thing, but music is my #1 priority. Now Jerry Dixon and myself have a companythat does background music for television shows, mainly reality TV shows. I spend most of my timewith Warrant and Down Boys Music.


OTM: I'm sure all Warrant fans want to know Is there anything in the works for a new Warrant album anytime soon?

Erik: We have a record deal with Frontier who our last album "Rockaholic" came out on. We have a bunch of rifs, alot of rifs going around. Once our schedule slows down in November, December, and January that's when we hope to take all these rifs out and turn them into songs. As of right now we don't have a producer or a set date to start recording. Everybody is coming up with song ideas which is cool.


OTM: Erik it has been a pleasure talking with you. Love hearing the old stories that have built history of Warrant.

Erik: No problem, we are looking forward to the show in Franklin, OH. tonight at J.D. Legends.


Here is how you can find everything you need to know about Warrant:


Website: http://www.warrantrocks.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrantrocks 

twitter: https://twitter.com/warrantrocks

Instagram: https://instagram.com/warrantrocks

Warrant Wine: http://store.wineresort.com/cart/cat/Home/Celebrity-Wines.aspx 





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