U.S. Bank Arena                           Cincinnati, OH.                   November 17, 2016

This was going to be a great day for a concert in mid November, and it was 70 degrees outside. The near capacity crowd outside U.S. Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati was ready to rock! I could tell this was going to be a great night As the crowd represented all 4 of the bands with their band shirts.


As people made there way to their seats the first band hit the stage right at 6:00 P.M.  Most of the crowd didn't know much about the first band with a huge banner hanging behind them with their logo on it. The band is As Lions from London, England. Everyone in the building know's the lead vocalist Austin Dickinson's father; that would be the Legendary Vocalist of Iron Maiden Mr. Bruce Dickinson. The band had great stage presence, high energy, and got the crowd going. They only had about 30 minutes, but they killed it. Go check out this new band as their debut album "Selfish Age" will hit stores on January 20th.


Next up was the amazing Sixx:A.M. This band is on a mission, and people are taking notice that this is not just a side project for Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) and DJ Ashba (Guns 'N' Roses). These guys didn't do much talking as they tried to play as many of their songs as they could, and let the music speak for itself. They were excited to let the crowd know they could get their new album "Prayers For The Blessed Vol. 2" the next day as it would be out in the stores.


Shinedown blew up U.S. Bank Arena! The place look like it was on fire as these 4 guys killed it. This band keeps getting better every day. They are out supporting their new album "Threat To Survival" that was released in September. The only bad thing about their show was they could only get 12 songs in doing a co-headliner tour. The crowd wanted more!


It was time for the last band of the evening none other than metal giants Five Finger Death Punch! The near capacity crowd went nuts as Ivan and the gang took control of the stage. Ivan was feeling so good he was stage diving into the crowd in the second song. Bassist Chris Kael also had a great time because this was like a home show for him as he had friends and family there to watch this show. The crowd went wild when Chris came out with a Cincinnati Bengals hat on. The entire band was spot on, and enjoying large amount of crowd surfers.


The crowd got their monies worth from all 4 bands on stage this night. If anyone who has a chance to catch any of these shows that are left on this tour you need to go it is worth every penny! This is by far the best fall rock tour out there.

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Lift Me Up

 2. Never Enough

 3. Wash It All Away

 4. Got Your Six

 5. Bad Company  (Bad Company Cover)

 6. Jekyll And Hyde

 7. Jeremy Spencer Drum Solo

 8. Burn MF

 9. Wrong Side Of Heaven

10. Remember Everything  (Acoustic)

11. Coming Undone



12. Under And Over It

13. The Bleeding

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Adrenaline

 2. Fly From The Outside

 3. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)

 4. Unity

 5. How Did You Love

 6. Enemies

 7. Call Me

 8. State Of My Head

 9. Second Chance

10. Cut The Cord

11. Simple Man  (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)

12. Sound Of Madness

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. This Is Gonna Hurt

 2. Rise

 3. When We Were Gods

 4. We Will Not Go Quietly

 5. Everything Went To Hell

 6. Prayers For The Damned

 7. Lies Of The Beautiful People

 8. Stars

 9. Life Is Beautiful

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. The Fall

 2. White Flags

 3. The Suffering

 4. Deathless

 5. Aftermath

 6. The Great Escape


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