Nationwide Arena                                                  Columbus, OH.  April 8, 2018

The site is Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH. for another historic evening by one of the most looked up to bands of any kind of music. The Eagles are back in town playing in front of about 20,000 fans. This crowd was like no other with Rock and Country ties along with young and old. A lot of people thought the band would have broke up after the tragic passing of the Legend Glenn Frey.


This was an interesting night as the Eagles had some new blood to add to the band. Don Henley, Joe Walsh & Timothy B. Schmidt welcomed the newest members Vince Gill & Deacon Frey son of the late great Glenn Frey. As the crowd filed into the massive Arena the Eagles brought along a very talented band called JD & The Straight Shot from New York.


JD & The Straight Shot is a folk / rock band with an amazing resume who they have toured with. They have played in many bands like B.B. King, Rosanne Cash, Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow, Levon Helm, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney & The Saturday Night Live Band. They are out right now on tour supporting their most recent album released in 2017 called "Good Luck, And Good Night".

They came out to get the crowd ready for the legends. They also had another thing in mind, and that was to introduce thier music to this veteran crowd of music lovers.


James L. Dolan heads up this band on vocals & Guitar. The rest of the band is Marc Copely on Guitar & Backing Vocals. Byron House on bass, and Erin Slaver providing some powerful vocals along with her skills on the Fiddle & violin. Rounding out the last two  Shawn Pelton (Drums) and Carolyn Dawn Johnson (Acoustic Guitar). JD & The Straight Shot's setlist consisted of 10 songs with 4 of them from "Good Luck And Good Night" Some of our favorites from this show was "Run For Me" about placing a bet on a race horse with the intensions to pay bills with the earnings, but time was running out. The other song that stood out to a lot was "The Ballad Of Jacob Marley", a character in Charles Dicken "A Christmas Carol". It is about his passion to make amends with ones greed before It's too late. If you are going to make an Eagle show in May, make sure to get there early to check this band out.


It was now time for what everybody was waiting for the Eagles. They start right out of the gate with Seven Bridges Road that gave everyone chills on how amazing the harmonies sounded. I know most people were thinking that this band couldn't fully function without the late great Frey. The second song changed everyones mind as Henley went to the drum kit Joe Walsh introduced the newest member of the Eagles Deacon Frey as he sang "Take It Easy". The setlist was a greatest Hits album for 3 hours.


Vince Gill got his shot at the classic "Ol' '55". The band felt at ease with the two newest members. The only thing I can say about this show was that it ended. Look for this tour, and any close stops go, and get a ticket yu won't be let down.

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Seven Bridges Road  (Steve Young Cover)

 2. Take It Easy

 3. One Of These Nights

 4. Take It To The Limit

 5. Tequila Sunrise

 6. Witchy Woman

 7. In The City  (Joe Walsh Song)

 8. I Can't Tell You Why

 9. How Long  (J.D. Souther Cover)

10. Ol' '55  (Tom Waits Cover)

11. Peaceful Easy Feeling

12. Best Of My Love

13. Lyin' Eyes

14. Love Will Keep Us Alive

15. New Kid In Town

16. Next Big Thing  (Vince Gill Song)

17. Those Shoes

18. Already Gone

19. Victim Of Love

20. Walk Away  (James Gang Cover)

21. Heartache Tonight

22. Life's Been Good  (Joe Walsh Song)

23. Funk #49  (James Gang Cover)

24. Life In The Fast Lane



25. Hotel California


2nd Encore

26. Rocky Mountain Way  (Joe Walsh Song)

27. Desperado

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Never Alone

 2. Redemption Train

 3. Moonlight

 4. Perdition

 5. Better Find A Church

 6. Run For Me

 7. Under That Hood

 8. Ballad Of Jacob Marley

 9. Glide

10. Shambala


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