Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater Virginia Beach, VA. August 16, 2016

On Tuesday August 16th, Blink 182, A Day To Remember, and All Time Low played to a packed house at the Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fans of all ages rocked out to stellar performances by their favorite bands!


Opening the night was All Time Low, an American rock band from Towson, Maryland. They put on quite a show! The band sounded great and the energy was incredible. They opened with the song “Lost in Stereo” off of their album “Nothing Personal” from 2009 and continued with a 9-song setlist showcasing hits that included “Weightless” and “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” Rhythm guitarist Jack Barakat is one that you can’t help but watch as his stage presence is just as entertaining as the songs themselves. You can tell the audience just loves him. Immediately upon stepping onstage a bra was thrown, and to all the screaming girls delight, he picked it up then put it on his head, hung it on his mic stand, put it in his mouth, and even ran around the stage with it! At one point he even runs out into the audience where he continues to play; the crowd never stopped jumping and singing along.


Up next was A Day To Remember, an American rock band from Ocala, Florida known for their metalcore and pop punk. ADTR opened with “The Downfall Of Us All”, their last song written for the 2009 album “Homesick” about the pressure of songwriting and the attempt to make people happy. Making people happy is definitely not a problem for them; they hit the stage with an insane amount of oversized beach balls that they kicked out into the screaming, energetic crowd where they continued to bounce around all night. ADTR performed an incredible 11 song setlist with hits such as “2nd Sucks”, “I’m Made Of Wax”, “Larry, What Are You Made Of?”, “All Signs Point To Lauderdale”, “Right Back At It Again”, and what seemed to be a fan favorite “Paranoia.” The energy, stage presence, canon shooting, and crowd interaction is something that I look for in every concert that I attend. To me that’s part of what makes a concert an INSANELY, INCREDIBLE CONCERT!! A Day To Remember’s performance was definitely nothing short of incredible!


After two unbelievable performances, the crowd was ready for Blink 182!! A black curtain covered the stage and the lights went dark. The anticipation building from thousands of eager fans was palpable. All of a sudden the curtain drops, and with a loud BANG and a spark of fire, a HUGE banner ignites revealing “FUCK” written in flames. There was no mistaking; the show had begun!


Blink 182, an American rock band formed in Poway, California in 1992, currently consists of bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Baker, guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba; with Baker and Skiba replacing former guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLong and drummer Scott Rayner. Blink 182 doesn’t appear to be letting the departure of founding member Tom DeLong slow them down. They opened the night with their 2003 hit “Feeling This” and I, as well as countless others, was thrown excitedly back to my youth. They followed up strong with their 2nd hit single, and their first single to feature Travis Barker, “What’s My Age Again”. Speaking of Travis Barker…it was incredibly hard for me to take my eyes off his mesmerizing performance. Barker slams away at the drums all night with such passion and incredible talent; I could never grow tired watching him play!! New vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fit right in. He and Hoppus strummed together, danced across the floor, and interacted with the crowd. Blink covered an impressive 24 song setlist that included a great mix of old and new hits such as “The Rock Show”, “First Date”, fan favorite “I Miss You”, and a tour debut of “Don’t Leave Me”. They finished off an amazing show with an encore that included “All The Small Things.”


Blink put on an AWESOME show! For a band that has been around for many years, and replaced a singer, they did a very good job at pulling off an unbelievable live show. The entire composition of the show was artistic, dynamic, and simply astounding.

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Feeling This

 2. What's My Age Again?

 3. Family Reunion

 4. The Rock Show

 5. Cynical

 6. First Date

 7. Down

 8. I Miss You

 9. Bored To Death

10. Built This Pool

11. Dumpweed

12. Reckless Abandon

13. Stay Together For The Kids

14. San Diego

15. Not Now

16. Violence

17. Kings Of The Weekend  (Featuring BYOS)

18. Dysentery Gary

19. Happy Holidays, You Bastard

20. Los Angeles



21. Carousel

22. All The Small Things

23. Brohemian Rhapsody

24. Dammit

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. The Downfall Of Us All

 2. I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

 3. It's Complicated

 4. 2nd Sucks

 5. Right Back At It Again

 6. Have Faith In Me

 7. All Signs Point To Lauderdale

 8. Paranoia

 9. All I Want

10. If It Means A Lot To You

11. The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

Photos By: Melissa Bradley


 1. Lost In Stereo

 2. A Love Like War

 3. Dancing With A Wolf

 4. Six Feet Under The Stars

 5. Backseat Serenade

 6. Something's Gotta Give

 7. Missing You

 8. Weight Loss

 9. Dear Maria, Count Me In


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