Rose Music Center                                                  Huber Heights, OH.  July 17, 2021

Photos By: Toby Clark


  1. Kryptonite

  2. Loser

  3. Duck And Run

  4. Not Enough

  5. Be Like That

  6. Life Of My Own

  7. Better Life

  8. Down Poison

  9. By My Side

10. Smack

11. So I Need You

12. Away From The Sun

13. The Road I'm On

14. Let Me Go

15. Citizen / Soldier

16. Landing In London

17. It's Not My Time



18. Here Without You

19. When I'm Gone 

Seether Management denied photographers 1 hour before the show.


  1. Dangerous

  2. Remedy

  3. Brusied And Bloodied

  4. Gasoline

  5. Broken

  6. Country Song

  7. Let You Down

  8. Fake It

  9. Wasteland

10. Nobody Praying For Me

11. Fine Again

12. Rise Above This

Tonight is the kickoff of the 3 Doors Down & Seether tour here in Huber Heights, OH. at the Rose Music Center. I have a brief moment to sit down with the drummer of Seether Mr. John Humphrey. Thank you for taking time out of you busy schedule to talk with me.


OTM: What was the first concert you ever seen, and where was it?

JH: My first concert I attended was Kiss in Norman, OK. I can even tell you the date 3/21/83.


OTM: My memory isn't that good, but I know mine was Ace Frehley "Frehley's Comet" in Erlanger, KY., but don't remember the date. I know both of us are huge Kiss fans so my next question is what is your favorite Kiss song of all time?

JH: Deuce, first song on side 1 from my firrst album I ever owned Kiss Alive I.


OTM: What was the memorable show you ever played?

JH: There's been a lot of great shows. Touring with Audioslave, Hellfest with Black Sabbath, and Soundgarden was another that comes to mind.


OTM: What would you say is your favorite tour meal?

JH: Just enjoyed my first meal in catering after this long pandemic. I'm just grateful to be playing shows so for me... I'll enjoy anything!!!


OTM: How did you spend your downtime during the pandemic?

JH: Spent precious time with my family.


OTM: Tell us about this new amazing drum kit you are bringing on tour.

JH: Yes, so I'm playing WFLIII drums. Manufactured in the US and founded by Bill Ludwig III. It's an honor to be working with him. These drums are amazing. 3 ply maple shells, and reinforcement rings. Quality made and sound. The sparkle finish is not a wrap, but actually painted. They call it "Caribbean Sand". I added a second bass drum to my setup for this tour. It's a fun setup.


OTM: I can't wait to see you on this kit tonight! The last question I have is if you could put together the ultimate dream band who would it be? (They can be dead or alive)

JH: Vocals - David Lee Roth (Van Halen) (circa 78' - 84')

       Guitar - Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)

       Bass - Gene Simmons (Kiss)

       Drums - John Humphrey (Seether & The Nixons) Me, of course, Not because I Think I'm in their league. I just would loved to have jammed with em. I would feel like a kid!


John I do thank you for your time, and look forward to seeing you on stage tonight in from of a sold out crowd!


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