Newport Music Hall                                Columbus, OH.  June 16, 2015

I want to start out this review by saying if you have any chance to see 10 Years this year please do so. This band is back with a brand new album " From Birth To Burial" that will blow your mind. This could be one of their best albums yet. This was one of the best shows I have seen all year. The only negative thing I could find for this entire show was right before 10 Years went on one of the foot pedals went down and the show was delayed for about 20 minutes. All 4 bands were amazing. 


Skytown Riot opened up this show. I have to be honest I have never heard of these guys from Knoxville, TN. They played about a 30 minute set. I wanted to hear more than that as these guys had my attention from the beginning. I now know who Skytown Riot is. Check out their website, and hit up their social media pages.


Islander was up next, you talk about an energetic band with so much talent. Mikey Carvajal has such a powerful voice, and had the fans crowd surfing within the first 5 minutes of their set. J.R. Bareis is a total badass on guitar playing in a dragon costume, and shredding the crowd. You guys may know J.R. from another project that he is in. He is also the guitarist for "Love And Death" with Brian "Head" Welch of Korn. Go check out Islander when you get a chance they won't let you down!


Starset was up next as the hometown band of Columbus, OH. brought their futuristic show to the Newport Music Hall. Dustin Bates brings his new project back home with many friends and family in the crowd. Dustin talked about how much fun it was to play in this city back in the "Downplay" days Dustin's former band. This band was amazing with a brand new sound that was refreshing, and to see that they didn't try to copy the trending sound of a lot of new rock bands.


10 Years wait is finally over! These guys were out to melt the faces off everyone in the crowd. This band is more solid than ever before. Jesse Hasek's voice is a stong as I have ever heard it. Their setlist covered their entire catalog so no fan was left out of what album material they wanted to hear. The guys are booked all the way through October so their is a good chance they will be coming to an area close. Get out and support these guys!  10 YEARS ROCKS!!!

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Miscellanea

 2. Empires

 3. Triggers And Tripwires

 4. Alabama

 5. Actions & Motives

 6. Fix Me

 7. The Autumn Effect ...And All The Others

 8. Colors

 9. Beautiful

10. Luna

11. Wasteland

12. Knives

13. Shoot It Out



14. From Birth To Burial


Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. First Light Intro

 2. Rise And Fall

 3. Down With The Fallen

 4. Let It Die

 5. Antigravity

 6. Halo

 7. It Has Begun

 8. Telescope

 9. Carnivore

10. The Future Is Now

11. My Demons

Photos By: Toby Clark


 1. Cold Speak

 2. Counteract

 3. Lucky Rabbit

 4. New Wave

 5. Criminals

 6. Coconut Dracula

Photos By: Toby Clark


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