Savage Arena                                         Toledo, OH. March 19, 2016

Toledo, OH. just got thrown into one amazing time warp back into the 80's. Savage Arena on the campus of the University of Toledo hosted the 1st annual Rock The Arena, and yes it was a SOLD OUT show! This lineup will give the M3 Festival in Maryland a run for its money.


First band to hit the stage was high energy rockers Trixter. They got the crowd fired upright out of the gate with their powerful 30 minute set with their signature hits "Surrender", "One In A Million" & finished with their mega hit on MTV "Give It To Me Good". Lead vocalist Pete Loran was not able to make the trip, but bassist P.J. Farley & guitarist Steve Brown covered all vocals without a hitch. Mark "Gus" Scott kept the thunderous beat as the crowd went wild!


Next up to take the stage was Firehouse. C.J. Snare still has a voice that nobody can match. He still sounds as good as he did back in the big hair era. Not much talking as they played as many hit songs as they could get in their 35 minute set. This band was solid all the way around. Bassist Allen McKenzie was glad to be back in his home state of Ohio not to far away from his hometown of Akron. Michael Foster still had his monster drum kit with the double kick drums like back in the day. Bill Leverty could still shred the guitar like he was 22 again.


The Queen Vixen Lita Ford was up next. She had the crowd wrapped around her fingers as she and her band rocked out their set with all her big hits with a cover of Elton John's "The Bitch Is Back", and went way back to her Runaways song "Cherry Bomb". Lita can still rock with the best of them.


Dokken were up next with hit after hit as Don told the crowd they were going to let the music do the talking. "Wild" Mick Brown original drummer was crazy as always hammering out hits such as "Into The Fire", "Breaking The Chains", "In My Dreams" & more.


Next was Winger, these guys were amazing as the crowd sang along to all of the songs in this greatest Hits setlist seen below. Kip Winger is such an amazing frontman, and a pretty great bass player as well. Winger left the crowd wanting more, but with a time limit on a great 1 day festival they had to cut it short.


Warrant came out next killing it as the Down Boys always did. This band was full of energy, and had the crowd on their feet the entire show singing right along with the band to their amazing set.


The crowd didn't know what to expect next as Bobby Blotzer's version of RATT hit the stage. The band sounded great, but it wasn't the same alomst like a cover band. When people mention RATT they think of Stephen Pearcy & Warren DeMartini.


Finally it was time for the headliner of the first annual Rock The Arena as it was time for Poison frontman Mr. Bret Michaels. The crowd went nuts when Bret ans his band hit the stage. He cranked out all the Poison hits as well as a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama". At the end of the night Warrant lead singer Robert Mason came on stage with Bret to sing a Kiss cover "Rock And Roll All Nite".


This was one amazing day, as the fans had a great time, the venue staff was awesome and well ran. We can only hope that there will be a Rock The Arena II next year. If they do you won't want to miss it!!!

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night

 2. Rockin' Horse

 3. Surrender

 4. One In A Million

 5. Line Of Fire

 6. Give It To Me Good

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. Shake & Tumble

 2. All She Wrote

 3. Oughta Be A Law

 4. When I Look Into Your Eyes

 5. Overnight Sensation (With Except of Perfect Lie)

 6. Love Of A Lifetime

 7. Reach For The Sky

 8. Don't Treat Me Bad

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. Gotta Let Go

 2. Larger Than Life

 3. The Bitch Is Back  (Elton John Cover)

 4. Blueberry

 5. Living Like A Runaway

 6. Can't Catch Me

 7. Cherry Bomb  (The Runaways Cover)

 8. Bobby Rock Drum Solo

 9. Close My Eyes Forever

10. Kiss Me Deadly

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. Kiss Of Death

 2. Into The Fire

 3. Don't Close Your Eyes

 4. Dream Warriors

 5. Breaking The Chains

 6. Alone Again

 7. Maddest Hatter

 8. In My Dreams

 9. Tooth And Nail

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. Pull Me Under

 2. Can't Get Enuff

 3. Rainbow In The Rose

 4. Down Incognito

 5. Rat Race

 6. Miles Away

 7. Headed For A Heartbreak

 8. Easy Come, Easy Go

 9. Madalaine

10. Seventeen

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. Big Talk

 2. D.R.F.S.R.

 3. Down Boys

 4. Sure Feels Good To Me

 5. Sometimes She Cries

 6. All My Bridges Are Burning

 7. Sex Ain't Love

 8. I Saw Red

 9. So Damn Pretty (Should Be Against The Law)

10. Heaven

11. Uncle Tom's Cabin

12. Cherry Pie

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. I Want A Woman

 2. Back For More

 3. One Step Away

 4. Slip Of The Lip

 5. Dance

 6. Wanted Man

 7. Closer To My Heart

 8. Lay It Down

 9. You're In Love

10. Shame Shame Shame

11. Lack Of Communication

12. Way Cool Jr.

13. Round And Round

Photos By: Toby Clark & Gary Brown


 1. Talk Dirty To Me

 2. Look What The Cat Dragged In

 3. Sweet Home Alabama  (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)

 4. Your Mama Don't Dance  (Loggins & Messina Cover)

 5. Ride The Wind

 6. Something To Believe In

 7. Unskinny Bop

 8. Mike Bailey Drum Solo

 9. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

10. Nothin' But A Good Time


11. Rock And Roll All Nite  (Kiss Cover with Robert Mason)


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